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試験科目:「Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (070-532日本語版)」
問題と解答:全89問 070-532日本語 前提条件

>> 070-532日本語 前提条件

試験科目:「Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions」
問題と解答:全66問 70-534 試験情報

>> 70-534 試験情報

試験科目:「Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (70-532日本語版)」
問題と解答:全89問 70-532日本語 受験料

>> 70-532日本語 受験料




NO.1 You are designing a solution that will interact with non-Windows applications over unreliable
network connections.
You have a security token for each non-Windows application.
You need to ensure that non-Windows applications retrieve messages from the solution.
Where should you retrieve messages?
A. An Azure Queue
B. The Azure Service Bus Queue
C. An Azure blob storage container that has a private access policy
D. Azure Table storage
Answer: B

Microsoft試験問題集 試験番号 70-534 70-534正確率 70-534科目 70-534トレーニング資料
Any Microsoft or non-Microsoft applications can use a Service Bus REST
API to manage and access messaging entities over HTTPS.
By using REST applications based on non-Microsoft technologies (e.g. Java, Ruby, etc.)
are allowed not only to send and receive messages from the Service Bus, but also to
create or delete queues, topics and subscription in a given namespace.
: Service Bus Explorer

NO.2 You are evaluating an Azure application. The application includes the following elements:
- A web role that provides the ASP.NET user interface and business logic
- A single SQL database that contains all application data
Each webpage must receive data from the business logic layer before returning results to the client.
Traffic has increased significantly. The business logic is causing high CPU usage.
You need to recommend an approach for scaling the application.
What should you recommend?
A. Store the business logic results in Azure Table storage.
B. Vertically partition the SQL database.
C. Move the business logic to a worker role.
D. Store the business logic results in Azure local storage.
Answer: C

Microsoft練習問題 70-534口コミ 70-534
For Cloud Services in Azure applications need both web and worker roles to scale well.
Reference: Application Patterns and Development Strategies for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine

NO.3 You are designing an Azure web application. The solution will be used by multiple customers.
Each customer has different business logic and user interface requirements.
Not all customers use the same version of the .NET runtime.
You need to recommend a deployment strategy.
What should you recommend?
A. Deploy with multiple web role instances.
B. Deploy each application in a separate tenant.
C. Deploy all applications in one tenant.
D. Deploy with multiple worker role instances.
Answer: B

Microsoft 70-534学習 70-534体験 70-534模擬試験
There are two types of tenant environments. The simplest type is a single-tenant application where
one customer has 100% dedicated access to an application's process space. A single Tenant
Applications has a separate, logical instance of the application for each customer or client. A single
tenant application is much more predictable and stable by its nature since there will never be more
than one dedicated customer at any point in time in that VM. That customer has all of its users
accessing that dedicated instance of the application.
Reference: Multi Tenancy and Windows Azure. Overview of Multi tenant Application and Single
tenant Application Architectural considerations.

NO.4 You are designing an Azure application that will use a worker role. The worker role will create
temporary files.
You need to minimize storage transaction charges.
Where should you create the files?
A. In Azure local storage
B. In Azure Storage page blobs
C. On an Azure Drive
D. In Azure Storage block blobs
Answer: A

Microsoft資格問題集 70-534プログラム 70-534英語版 70-534改訂
Local storage is temporary in Azure. So, if the virtual machine supporting your role dies and cannot
recover, your local storage is lost!
Therefore, Azure developers will tell you, only volatile data should ever be stored in local storage of
Reference: Windows Azure Local File Storage How To Guide And Warnings

NO.5 Contoso, Ltd., uses Azure websites for public-facing customer websites. The company has a
mobile app that requires customers sign in by using a Contoso customer account.
Customers must be able to sign on to the websites and mobile app by using a Microsoft, Facebook, or
Google account. All transactions must be secured in-transit regardless of device.
You need to configure the websites and mobile app to work with external identity providers.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Request a certificate from a domain registrar for the website URL, and enable TLS/SSL.
B. Configure IPsec for the websites and the mobile app.
C. Configure the KerberosTokenProfile 1.1 protocol.
D. Configure OAuth2 to connect to an external authentication provider.
E. Build an app by using MVC 5 that is hosted in Azure to provide a framework for the underlying
Answer: A,D,E

Microsoft監査ツール 70-534勉強方法 70-534受験 70-534模擬
DE: This tutorial shows you how to build an ASP.NET MVC 5 web application that enables users to log
in using OAuth 2.0 with credentials from an external authentication provider, such as Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, or Google.
*You will now be redirected back to the Register page of the MvcAuth application where you can
register your Google account.
You have the option of changing the local email registration name used for your Gmail account, but
you generally want to keep the default email alias (that is, the one you used for authentication).
Click Register.
*To connect to authentication providers like Google and Facebook, you will need to set up IIS-Express
to use SSL.
Reference: Code! MVC 5 App with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google OAuth2 Sign-on (C#)

NO.6 You are designing an Azure application. The application includes services hosted in different
geographic locations.
The service locations may change.
You must minimize the cost of communication between services.
You need to recommend an approach for data transmission between your application and Azure
The solution must minimize administrative effort.
What should you recommend?
A. Azure Table storage
B. Service Bus
C. Service Management API
D. Azure Queue storage
Answer: B

Microsoft体験 70-534変更 70-534 70-534最新版 70-534ふりーく 70-534必要性
The cost of ACS transactions is insignificant when performing messaging operations against Service
Bus queues.
Service Bus acquires one ACS token per a single instance of the messaging factory object.
The token is then reused until it expires, after about 20 minutes.
Therefore, the volume of messaging operations in Service Bus is not directly proportional to the
amount of ACS transactions required to support these operations.
Reference: Azure Queues and Service Bus Queues - Compared and Contrasted

NO.7 You are the administrator for a company named Contoso, Ltd.
Contoso also has an Azure subscription and uses many on-premises Active Directory products as roles
in Windows Server including the following:
- Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
- Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
- Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
- Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
- Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
Contoso must use the directory management services available in Azure Active Directory.
You need to provide information to Contoso on the similarities and differences between Azure Active
Directory and the Windows Server Active Directory family of services.
Which feature does Azure Active Directory and on-premises Active Directory both support?
A. Using the GraphAPI to query the directory
B. Issuing user certificates
C. Supporting single sign-on (SSO)
D. Querying the directory with LDAP
Answer: C

Microsoft参考書 70-534 70-534ワークスペース 70-534 70-534教育
AD FS supports Web single-sign-on (SSO) technologies, and so does Azure Active Directory.
If you want single sign on we usually suggest using ADFS if you're a Windows shop. Going forward
though, Azure Active Directory is another alternative you can use.
Reference: Using Azure Active Directory for Single Sign On with Yammer

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