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NO.1 Which two statements are false regarding Arrays?
A. Arrays support ajax based rules.
B. You can add Single select type attributes to the Arrays.
C. You can add HTML type attributes to the Arrays.
D. You can re-order the attributes to adjust the layout.
Answer: A,D


NO.2 You want to run a Constraint rule only when an action is performed by a user. Which two
options are true?
A. Constraint rules are Ajax-based and there is no option to disable Ajax in Commerce rules.
B. You can implement the requirement by invoking the Constraint rule from the action.
C. You can use Validation rules because it better serves the purpose.
D. You can implement the requirement by using a timer.
Answer: B,D


NO.3 Which two attribute types support the Auto Update feature?
A. Menu
B. Text Area
C. Text
D. Boolean
Answer: C,D


NO.4 What is the size limit of an array set in Configuration?
A. unlimited
B. 1000
C. 200
D. 350
Answer: B

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NO.5 Identify two ways to modify the overall integration behavior of BigMachines and Salesforce.
A. Write a Salesforce API to change integration behavior in BigMachines.
B. Write a custom BML Util library function in BigMachines.
C. Use the integration XSLs within the Commerce process to modify integration behavior at the object
and field levels.
D. Use the Site Setup object and BigMachines Commerce Package settings in Salesforce to meet
varying customer requirements.
Answer: C,D


NO.6 There is a multi-select attribute with five options, displayed as checkboxes.
Depending on conditions, the configurator should show a user three of these five options.
How should you accomplish this?
A. by writing a Pricing rule
B. by writing a Recommendation rule
C. by writing a Hidden rule
D. by writing a Constraint rule
Answer: C

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NO.7 Along with Part Number, Quantity, and Price, you also want to send additional details from
Config to Commerce by using a Recommended Item rule. How would you achieve this?
A. Concatenate the additional details to Part Number.
B. Pass the additional details by storing them in a Price Book.
C. Use the Comment field to pass additional details.
D. This is not feasible. Only Part Number, Quantity, and Price can be passed from Config to Commerce
by using Recommended Item rules.
Answer: B

NO.8 How would you align attribute labels on a configuration screen so that they are evenly
distributed vertically?
A. by using CSS
B. by adding spacers in the Configuration Layout and defining spacer height
C. by adding HTML attributes and using </br>
D. by adding real-only text area attributes on the layout with the required dimensions
Answer: C

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