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試験科目:「Alfresco Certified Engineer」
問題と解答:全119問 ACE001再テスト

>> ACE001再テスト


一日も早くAlfrescoのACE001再テストに合格したい? Pass4Testが提供した問題と解答はIT領域のエリートたちが研究して、実践して開発されたものです。それは十年過ぎのIT認証経験を持っています。Pass4Testは全面的な認証基準のトレーニング方法を追求している。Pass4TestのAlfrescoのACE001再テストを利用した大勢の人々によると、AlfrescoのACE001再テストの合格率は100パーセントに達したのです。もし君が試験に関する問題があれば、私たちは最も早い時間で、解答します。

偉大な事業を実現するために信心を持つ必要があります。あなたは自分の知識レベルを疑っていて試験の準備をする前に詰め込み勉強しているときに、自分がどうやって試験に受かることを確保するかを考えましたか。心配しないでください。Pass4TestはあなたがAlfrescoのACE001再テストに合格する確保です。Pass4Test のトレーニング試験は問題と解答に含まれています。しかも100パーセントの合格率を保証できます。Pass4TestのAlfrescoのACE001再テストトレーニング資料を手に入れたら、あなたは自分の第一歩を進めることができます。試験に合格してから、あなたのキャリアは美しい時期を迎えるようになります。


NO.1 Commit the transaction assuming a system crash AFTER step 3, what would be state of the system?
A. The system would be just as it was before the transaction started.
B. The document would have been uploaded and would be marked for Solr indexing.
C. The document would have been uploaded and would be marked read-only.
D. The document information would be in both the database and file system, but would be invisible.
E. The content file would exist on the system, but the database would rollback.
Answer: E

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2. What is the default value of the <transaction> element of a Web Script descriptor, if one is not
A. "none"
B. "none" for GET Web Scripts, "required" for POST/PUT.
C. "required"
D. Depends on the value of <authentication>.
Answer: D

Alfresco日記   ACE001書籍
3. In Share a simple and effective way to modify existing pages is to:
A. Make a copy of the existing page, make your changes and redeploy the page to
B. Use SurfBug to determine the location of your new page component and then create a WebScript
to provide the needed functionality.
C. Use FireBug to determine the location of the new page component, then re-write the underlying
WebScript using FreeMarker.
D. Download the Slingshot application from SourceForge and change the appropriate page, then
rebuild the share.war file and deploy.
Answer: B

4. You have been tasked to develop a solution that will notify an external system when updates
are made to certain documents. These documents can be of any type and the content authors will
make the decision if the document needs this "notification" functionality. Select the simplest steps to
implement this solution.
A. Define a new "notify" aspect with a "multi" peer association. Create and register a policy behavior
that, when content is updated, users can associate their content via this aspect. As associations are
being made, the external notification request will be triggered.
B. Define a new "notify" aspect with no properties. Create and register a policy behavior that, if this
aspect is present, will make the external notification request. Users can simply add this aspect to
their content item.
C. Extend cm:content to provide an additional "notify" property. Create a policy behavior that will
look at the "notify" property and, if set, make the external notification request. Users simply create
cm:content items.
D. Extend sys:base to provide an additional "notify" property. Create a new policy that will look at the
"notify" property and, if set, make the external notification request. Users can simply call an action
against their content item.
Answer: B

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NO.2 All new objects created in the repository will inherit an ACL from:
A. the folder where it is created.
B. the system-wide default ACL.
C. the type's default ACL.
D. the user's default ACL.
Answer: A

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NO.3 What are the mandatory components of a non-Java-backed data web script?
A. An XML descriptor only
B. An XML descriptor, JavaScript controller, and an output template
C. A JavaScript controller and an output template
D. An XML descriptor and an output template
Answer: D

Alfresco保証   ACE001攻略   ACE001割引コード

NO.4 When using Solr indexing with Alfresco which of the following application servers can be used?
A. Jetty
B. JBoss
C. WebSphere
D. WebLogic
E. Tomcat
Answer: E

Alfresco受験記対策   ACE001認証試験   ACE001無料過去問

NO.5 Which repository folder is the first location where the repository web script container will
search for web script implementation files, and can be used to override web scripts placed in any
other location?
A. /Company Home/Web Scripts
B. /Company Home/Templates/Web Scripts
C. /Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions
D. /Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts
Answer: C

Alfresco   ACE001ラーニング   ACE001全真模擬試験

NO.6 If an object is moved to a different folder, what will happen to the security permissions?
A. It will inherit the ACL from the new parent folder.
B. It will inherit the ACL from the user who is moving it.
C. It will inherit the system wide ACL.
D. It will keep its old ACL.
Answer: A

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NO.7 Which virtual filesystem is NOT enabled by default?
Answer: C

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NO.8 On a system using Solr indexes during a document upload Alfresco uses the following process:
1.Start a transaction.

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