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神様は私を実力を持っている人間にして、美しい人形ではないです。IT業種を選んだ私は自分の実力を証明したのです。しかし、神様はずっと私を向上させることを要求します。SAPのC-TSCM66-66リンクグローバルを受けることは私の人生の挑戦の一つです。でも大丈夫です。Pass4TestのSAPのC-TSCM66-66リンクグローバルトレーニング資料を購入しましたから。すると、SAPのC-TSCM66-66リンクグローバルに合格する実力を持つようになりました。 Pass4TestのSAPのC-TSCM66-66リンクグローバルトレーニング資料を持つことは明るい未来を持つことと同じです。

C_TSCM66_66 SAP Certified Application Associate - Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6

Solution: SAP ERP
Delivery Methods: Certification
Duration: 180
Level: Associate
Sub-solution: Management Accounting
Component: SCM: Service Parts Management
Exam: - 80 questions, PDF Link, Cut Score 60
Product Group: SAP Business Suite
Languages: English

Mobile Data Entry (Customizing) > 12%
Goods Receipt Processes 8% - 12%
Storage Type Determination 8% - 12%
WM Interface and Warehouse Ac 8% - 12%
Master Data Required by WM 8% - 12%
HU and SU Management 8% - 12%
Goods Issue Processes < 8%
WM Deployment Options < 8%
IM-WM Interface < 8%
WM Movement Type Determination < 8%
Storage Section Determination < 8%
Warehouse Structure < 8%
Physical Inventory < 8%

The certification test "Application Associate - Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6" verifies proven skills and fundamental knowledge in the area of the SAP LE/WM. It proves that the candidate has a good overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can apply this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant. It is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get acquainted within LE/WM projects.

As a subscriber to SAP Learning Hub you have not only access to all relevant training materials but also can benefit from so-called Learning Rooms for your exam preparation. A Learning Room is a virtual learning space that guides you through all the training related to this certification and also offers supplementary materials. Learning Rooms are led by SAP’s top instructors who help students with their learning and provide answers to their questions.

  • To ensure success, SAP recommends combining education courses and hands-on experience to prepare for your certification exam as questions will test your ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in training.
  • You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).
  • C-TFIN52-66一発合格は専門知識と情報技術を検査する試験で、Pass4Testが一日早くSAPのC-TFIN52-66一発合格「SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6」に合格させるのサイトで試験の前に弊社が提供する訓練練習問題をテストして、短い時間であなたの収穫が大きいです。

    試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6」
    問題と解答:全206問 C-TSCM66-66リンクグローバル

    >> C-TSCM66-66リンクグローバル

    試験科目:「SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6」
    問題と解答:全80問 C-TFIN52-66一発合格

    >> C-TFIN52-66一発合格

    たくさんの人はSAP C-TSCM66-66リンクグローバル「SAP Certified Application Associate - Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6」認証試験を通ることが難しいと思います。もし弊社の問題集を勉強してそれは簡単になります。弊社はオンラインサービスとアフターサービスとオンラインなどの全面方面を含めてます。オンラインサービスは研究資料模擬练習問題などで、アフターサービスはPass4Testが最新の認定問題だけでなく、絶えずに問題集を更新しています。


    NO.1 You have two house banks. Each house bank has three bank accounts.
    How many separate G/L accounts do you recommend the customer creates in the chart of
    A. Two – one for each house bank
    B. Three – one for each bank account
    C. Six – one for each combination of house bank and bank account
    D. One for all postings
    Answer: C

    NO.2 Which of the following task types are supported by the Closing Cockpit or Schedule Manager?
    (Choose three)
    A. Reconciliation keys
    B. Programs with or without variant
    C. Spreadsheets
    D. Notes (as a reminder or milestone)
    E. Transactions
    Answer: B,D,E

    C-TFIN52-66専門知識 C-TFIN52-66暗記カード

    NO.3 For reports in Asset Accounting, which object do you have to use and, where necessary,
    customize to determine the sort level and/or the summation level?
    A. Sort key
    B. Depreciation area
    C. Valuation area
    D. Sort variant
    Answer: D


    NO.4 Which line item field is filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record (G/L
    customer, or vendor)?
    A. Amount in document currency
    B. Item text
    C. Number of the invoice to which the transaction belongs
    D. Assignment
    Answer: D

    C-TFIN52-66内容 C-TFIN52-66合格体験記

    NO.5 Which of the following accounts are updated directly?
    A. Accounts in the master chart of accounts
    B. Accounts in the group chart of accounts
    C. Accounts in the operating chart of accounts
    D. Accounts in the country chart of accounts
    Answer: C


    NO.6 You post a G/L document. For the Text field, the field status of the posting key is set to
    Entry and the field status of the G/L account is set to Hidden Entry?
    What happens during posting?
    A. A warning message is shown.
    B. An error message is shown.
    C. The document is posted.
    D. The Text field is hidden.
    Answer: B


    NO.7 In your leading ledger (ledger solution), balance sheets must be created for company codes
    Which Customizing settings do you need to make? (Choose two)
    A. Define a retained earnings account.
    B. Assign the Segment Reporting scenario to your leading ledger.
    C. Define two retained earnings accounts and assign them to your P&L accounts.
    D. Activate cost of sales accounting.
    Answer: A,B

    NO.8 To which of the following does an asset class apply?
    A. To all company codes in a controlling area
    B. To all company codes in a client
    C. To all company codes within a client, which share the same chart of accounts
    D. To all company codes in an instance (client-independent)
    Answer: B

    C-TFIN52-66認証 C-TFIN52-66出題範囲

    C-TSCM66-66問題数 :

    投稿日: 2015/12/22 9:52:31  |  カテゴリー: SAP  |  タグ: C-TSCM66-66C-TFIN52-66SAP
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