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受験生の皆様にもっと多くの助けを差し上げるために、Pass4Test のIBMのA4040-226トレーニング資料はインターネットであなたの緊張を解消することができます。A4040-226 勉強資料は公式IBMのA4040-226試験トレーニング授業 、IBMのA4040-226 自習ガイド、IBMのA4040-226 の試験と実践やIBMのA4040-226オンラインテストなどに含まれています。Pass4Test がデザインしたIBMのA4040-226模擬トレーニングパッケージはあなたが楽に試験に合格することを助けます。Pass4Testの勉強資料を手に入れたら、指示に従えば A4040-226認定試験に受かることはたやすくなります。

Pass4Testを選ぶかどうか状況があれば、弊社の無料なサンプルをダウンロードしてから、決めても大丈夫です。こうして、弊社の商品はどのくらいあなたの力になるのはよく分かっています。Pass4TestはIBM C4040-226日本語認証試験を助けって通じての最良の選択で、100%のIBM C4040-226日本語認証試験合格率のはPass4Test最高の保証でございます。君が選んだのはPass4Test、成功を選択したのに等しいです。

試験科目:「System x Server Family Technical Support V1」
問題と解答:全57問 C4060-156 学習資料


試験科目:「Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i Technical Sales Skills -v2 (C4040-226日本語版)」
問題と解答:全74問 C4040-226日本語 試験過去問


試験科目:「Assessment: Power Systems with POWER7 and IBM i Technical Sales Skills -v2」
問題と解答:全74問 A4040-226 復習問題集





NO.1 A POWER7+system managed by IBM i is hosting an IBM i client that requires 24 virtual disks.
What is the minimum host configuration to support the client storage?
A. 2 vSCSIcontrollers 2 Network Server Descriptions
B. 1 vSCSIcontroller 1 Network Server Description
C. 3 vSCSIcontrollers 3 Network Server Descriptions
D. 4 vSCSI controllers 2 Network Server Descriptions
Answer: A

IBM 特典   A4040-226   A4040-226 フリーク

NO.2 A customer has a large quantity of LTO-2 media.
The customer would like to be able to read that media, while at the same time acquiring a tape
library which supports hardware encryption.
Which LTO format and attachment method supports these requirements?
A. SAS-attached LTO-5
B. USB-attached LTO-6
C. SCSI-attached LTO-3
D. Fibre-attached LTO-4
Answer: D

IBM vue   A4040-226 受験記   A4040-226 教育   A4040-226 受験記   A4040-226 参考書

NO.3 A customer would like to share a tape library among multiple partitions to run backups on a
nightly basis, but doesn't have the budget for a fibre switch or dedicated fibre adapters. They need
to be able to have their single fibre adapter available to each partition on a scheduled basis.
What product or feature can help accommodate this requirement?
C. Media and Storage Extensions
D. Hardware Management Console
Answer: D

IBM 認定証   A4040-226 参考書   A4040-226   A4040-226 通信

NO.4 A customer with a POWERS 520 and a FC #0595 expansion unit wants to upgrade to a
POWER7+720. The customer has TS2900 SCSI-attached tape drive and 20 70GB disk units.
Which elements of the original system can be used in the new system?
A. The TS2900 can be converted to SAS connectivity.
B. The memory DIMMS, if larger than 4GB, can be directly installed.
C. The EC #0595 expansion unit can be converted from HSL-2 to 12X.
D. The 70GB drive data can be migrated using Pack Utilities Maintenance Program in SST.
Answer: A

IBM 赤本   A4040-226 PDF   A4040-226   A4040-226 問題   A4040-226 模擬

NO.5 A customer with a POWERS 520 running IBM i is debating consolidating to a POWER7+770
that is currently only running AIX, or replacing the POWERS with a POWER7+720. The budget is
limited, and the customer SWMA contract is expired.
Which option is the most economical?
A. Transfer the IBM i license to the POWER7+770
B. Purchase a POWER7+ 720 and a new IBM i license
C. Purchase a new IBM i license for the POWER7+ 770
D. Purchase a POWER7+ 720 and transfer the IBM i license
Answer: B

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