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試験科目:「Certified Treasury Professional 」
問題と解答:全932問 CTP書籍

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NO.1 Company RST is a seasonal retailer who has just completed its holiday season and is
temporarily flush with cash. The treasurer has identified approximately $15 million of excess balances
and is trying to determine what to do with the surplus cash. Cash forecasts show that the funds will
be needed in approximately 30 days to replenish inventory. Which of the following plans should the
treasurer implement immediately?
A. Prepay a $15 million, 5% loan maturing in 1 year.
B. Buy a long-term, highly rated investment paying 2.10%.
C. Purchase low-risk, short-term investments yielding 2%.
D. Leave the funds in RST's bank account earning an ECR of 1%.
Answer: C

NO.2 The following information about a company is at the end of its fiscal year.
The before-tax cost of long-term debt is 10% and the cost of equity is 12%. The marginal tax rate is
35%. The company's current ratio is:
A. 0.93.
B. 0.59.
C. 0.46.
D. 1.37.
Answer: D


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