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IT業界の中でたくさんの野心的な専門家がいって、IT業界の中でより一層頂上まで一歩更に近く立ちたくてAFPのCTP試験に参加して認可を得たくて、AFP のCTP試験が難度の高いので合格率も比較的低いです。Pass4Testの商品は試験問題を広くカーバして、認証試験の受験生が便利を提供し、しかも正確率100%です。そして、試験を安心に参加してください。


IT業界の中でたくさんの野心的な専門家がいって、IT業界の中でより一層頂上まで一歩更に近く立ちたくてAFPのCTP試験に参加して認可を得たくて、AFP のCTP試験が難度の高いので合格率も比較的低いです。AFPのCTP試験を申し込むのは賢明な選択で今のは競争の激しいIT業界では、絶えず自分を高めるべきです。しかし多くの選択肢があるので君はきっと悩んでいましょう。

試験科目:「Certified Treasury Professional 」
問題と解答:全612問 CTP 認定資格





NO.1 Which of the following are important uses of variance analysis in comparing actual cash flows with
projected cash flows?
I. Identifying unanticipated changes in inventory
II. Enhancing short-term investment income
III. Validating a capital budget
IV. Identifying delays in accounts receivable collections
A. I and II only
B. I and IV only
C. II and IV only
D. I, II, III, and IV
Answer: B


NO.2 An optimal concentration system minimizes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. administrative costs.
B. disbursement float.
C. excess balances.
D. transfer costs.
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which of the following instruments simplifies the paperwork connected with loans that have multiple
advance features?
A. Master note
B. Banker's acceptance
C. Indenture agreement
D. Note purchase agreement
Answer: A

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NO.4 A bank issues a letter of credit (L/C) and receives a request for payment under the L/C. The buyer
notifies the issuing bank not to make payment because there is a dispute over the quality of the
merchandise. However, the documents received fully comply with the terms of the L/C. Which of the
following statements is true?
A. The buyer may immediately return the merchandise and cancel the L/C.
B. The bank may delay payment until reimbursed by the buyer.
C. The bank may delay payment, provided the seller is notified of the dispute within three business days.
D. The bank must make payment and is entitled to immediate reimbursement from the buyer.
Answer: D


NO.5 Which one of the following ties a user ¯ s p ri va t e key t o a use¡ ¯s pu b l ic key
A. A digital signature
B. A digital certificate
C. A digitized signature
D. A digital token
Answer: B

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NO.6 A Chicago meat processor is concerned about the volatility of pork belly prices. Which of the following
derivative products would be used to fix these prices within a given range?
A. Collar
B. Swap
C. Cap
D. Spot purchase
Answer: A

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NO.7 An instrument that gives the right to buy a stated number of shares of common stock at a specified price
is known as:
A. an equity warrant
B. a put option
C. a zero coupon bond
D. a subordinated debenture
Answer: A

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NO.8 A company plans to issue additional equity within the next 12 months but needs to issue debt at a low
interest rate now. Which of the following instruments would BEST meet this objective?
A. Convertible bonds
B. Private placement issue
C. Preferred stock
D. Subordinated debentures
Answer: A

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