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E20-329 Backup Recovery Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects
Exam Description
Duration:90 Minutes (60 Questions)
Practice Test:
Specialist Level – E20-329
This exam is one of two qualifying exams for the Technology Architect – Backup Recovery Solutions track.
This exam focuses on ensuring individuals are knowledgeable in EMC Data Protection Advisor, EMC NetWorker, EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain focusing on EMC design best practices. The successful candidate will demonstrate the knowledge required to appropriately design backup and recovery solutions using one or more of these products.
EMC provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further. A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification exam.
Exam Products
Products likely to be referred to on this exam include but are not limited to:
EMC Data Protection Advisor (DPA) 5.8
EMC Avamar 6.0
EMC Data Domain OS 5.1

EMC NetWorker 7.6 SP2



試験科目:「Technology Architect Backup and Recovery Solutions Design Exam」
問題と解答:全326問 E20-329 模擬モード



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NO.1 A customer has a multi-node EMC Avamar server with eight active storage nodes. They are
currently at 85% GSAN capacity and receiving capacity warning messages. The customer would like to
purchase four additional nodes for the system.
What is a best practice for adding capacity?
A. Add two nodes at a time to the existing server
B. Add one node at a time to the existing server
C. Migrate capacity to a different server if available
D. Acquire a new server with sufficient capacity
Answer: A

EMC対応 E20-329 E20-329最新版

NO.2 A customer is piloting a Data Domain appliance and notices that performance in the writing of
backups is not optimal.
Based on the System Show Performance metrics represented in the exhibit, which operation will
provide the most improved the most improved performance?
A. Reduce the read streams
B. Suspend verification
C. Disable cleaning
D. Disable replication
Answer: A

EMC通信 E20-329リンクグローバル E20-329試験対策 E20-329資格認定

NO.3 A long-term EMC SRDF customer wants to make their backups tapeless. The customer has
asked for your recommendation on the bandwidth required for replication of 10 TB of daily backup
data that is currently going to tape nightly. Bandwidth is provided by two OC-3 circuits between the
source and target data center locations.
Which information is needed to architect a solution for the customer?
A. Available bandwidth, latency, and throughput objective
B. Total bandwidth, trace route, and hops
C. Circuit distance, line condition, and transmission rate
D. Total bandwidth, latency, and compression rate
Answer: A

EMC試験スクール E20-329模擬モード E20-329資格取得講座 E20-329専門知識

NO.4 You are designing a Data Protection Advisor (DPA) solution to support a NAS environment. The
environment consists of a Celerra, a NetApp file server, a backup infrastructure of 185 NetWorker
clients, and 300 Symantec NetBackup clients.
What are the appropriate DPA licensing requirements?
A. Backup option for 500 clients and one file server option for each NAS system
B. Backup option for 185 NetWorker and 300 NetBackup clients, and 1 Celerra, and 1 NetApp client
C. Backup option for 500 clients and a single file server option for the NAS systems
D. Backup option for required client count, a Celerra file server, and a NetApp file server option
Answer: A

EMC過去問 E20-329 E20-329 E20-329 E20-329

NO.5 The EMC account team has been asked to design a new EMC NetWorker backup solution for
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The customer's environment consists of Microsoft Exchange Server
2007 hosted on an EMC CLARiiON disk array with EMC VSS Provider and an EMC Disk Library.
Your design needs to include a server-less backup solution for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
environment by leveraging the Microsoft VSS framework. What is a recommended approach to meet
the customer's requirements?
A. NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications
B. NetWorker PowerSnap Module
C. NetWorker Module for Microsoft Exchange Server
D. NetWorker VSS Client for Microsoft Windows
Answer: A

EMCクラム E20-329教育 E20-329資格練習

NO.6 An EMC Avamar customer wants to start backing up their VMware environment. The
customer's goal is to obtain the highest level of data deduplication support for file system and
application backups. In addition, they do not want to have to train their administrators on a new
backup method.
Which method of VMware backup will meet the customer's needs?
A. Install an Avamar agent on each guest OS
B. Install the Avamar agent on the ESX server console
C. Use a snapshot mounted to a proxy server over the SAN
D. Use VMware Consolidated Backup
Answer: A

EMC E20-329試合 E20-329真実試験

NO.7 A new EMC NetWorker customer has decided to use the traditional licensing model even
though they have a large number of licenses that they will need to load. Which option is available to
quickly install these licenses?
A. Download an nsradmin file from Powerlink and import the file
B. Download a text file of license keys and import through the NetWorker Management Console
C. Check for licenses automatically with the License Conformance Reporter
D. Copy and paste the licenses from the automatically generated e-mail
Answer: A

EMC試験教材 E20-329サンプル問題集 E20-329試験 E20-329好評

NO.8 An EMC NetWorker customer wants to use Data Domain Boost to take advantage of less LAN
traffic traversing the network.
However, after performing a backup, the LAN administrator noticed that the same amount of data is
being transmitted from the storage node to the Data Domain as it is from the client to the storage
What needs to be enabled to take advantage of DD Boost on the storage node?
A. Distributed Segment Processing on the Data Domain
B. Distributed Segment Processing on the storage node
C. DD Boost on the storage node
D. DD Boost license on the NetWorker server
Answer: A

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