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HP0-M77テスト参考書、HP BSM Operations Manager i 10.x Software

NO.1 What is used to receive events in OMi 10.x from a 3rd party monitoring tool?
A. an Event Processing Customization Script
B. a Management Pack
C. a BSM Connector
D. a Smart Plug-in
Answer: C

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NO.2 What is a key benefit of switching from Smart Plug-ins to Management Packs? (Select two.)
A. Each Management Pack performs topology discovery.
B. Each Management Pack is configured in a consistent way, regardless of the application being
C. Each Management Pack supports parameterization helping reduce the number of policy templates
to manage.
D. Events generated by Management Pack policies contain ETI Hints and CI Hints.
E. Each Management Pack provides graph templates to graph metrics collected by the Management
Answer: D,E


NO.3 According to the documentation, what are IT Systems Administrators' activities? (Select two.)
A. Escalate problems by forwarding the event to an external event processing application.
B. Integrate new applications and CIs into the monitoring process.
C. Define roles and permissions, and create users and groups to provide access to the features for
specialist operators.
D. Oversee the installation of OMi servers or components, and validate the installation procedures.
E. Tune the values against which the application is to be monitored.
Answer: C,D


NO.4 Which task needs to be completed before installing a Management Pack, using the appropriate
GUI-based wizard?
A. stop the database
B. disable HP Operations agent
C. disable HP OMi
D. stop the WDE process
Answer: B


NO.5 When can the OMi license be applied?
A. only during the initial configuration
B. during the software installation
C. before the initial configuration
D. during or after configuration
Answer: B


NO.6 In RTSM, what enables you to search, create, and delete CIs?
A. State Manager
B. impact Analysis Manager
C. CI Type Manager
D. IT Universe Manager
Answer: C


NO.7 Which statement about Custom Actions is true?
A. Custom Actions can be executed on multiple events at once.
B. Custom Actions can automatically prompt the user for input if they use custom attributes that are
undefined in the event.
C. Custom Actions are associated with specific CI Types.
D. Custom Actions can be executed on CIs.
Answer: A,D




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