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NO.1 According to the International Professional Practices Framework, which of the following
should be excluded from a final communication for a performance audit engagement?
A. Recommendations and conclusions.
B. The internal auditor's unbiased opinion.
C. Timely and relevant information.
D. Legal opinions related to illegal acts.
Answer: D

IIA真実試験 IIA-CIA-Part2試験解答 IIA-CIA-Part2練習問題 IIA-CIA-Part2認定資格 IIA-CIA-Part2関節

NO.2 An auditor used a questionnaire during an interview to gather information about the nature of
credit sales processing. The questionnaire did not cover some pertinent information offered by the
person being interviewed, and the auditor did not document the potential problems for further
The primary deficiency with the above process is that:
A. The auditor failed to consider the importance of the information offered.
B. A questionnaire was used in a situation where a structured interview should have been used.
C. Using a questionnaire precludes the auditor from documenting other information.
D. The engagement program was incomplete.
Answer: A

IIA IIA-CIA-Part2口コミ IIA-CIA-Part2知識 IIA-CIA-Part2試験対策 IIA-CIA-Part2参考書勉強

NO.3 Which of the following situations might allow an employee to steal checks sent to an
organization and subsequently cash them?
A. Checks are not restrictively endorsed when received.
B. Only one signature is required on the organization's checks.
C. One employee handles both accounts receivable and purchase orders.
D. One employee handles both cash deposits and accounts payable.
Answer: A

IIA必要性 IIA-CIA-Part2日記 IIA-CIA-Part2 IIA-CIA-Part2コマンド IIA-CIA-Part2学習指導 IIA-CIA-Part2ディレクトリ同期

NO.4 Which of the following would provide the greatest assurance of the accuracy of a computer
program's computation of freight charges for catalog sales?
A. Use discovery sampling, selecting transactions from invoices which should have freight charges
added to them.
B. Use either test data or parallel simulation to test the computer application.
C. Use difference estimation, selecting transactions from invoices which should have freight charges
added to them.
D. Use generalized audit software to select a monetary-unit sample of invoices that have been billed
to customers.
Answer: B

IIAサンプル問題集 IIA-CIA-Part2サンプル IIA-CIA-Part2専門知識 IIA-CIA-Part2短期

NO.5 When developing the scope of an audit engagement, which of the following would the internal
auditor typically not need to consider?
A. The need and availability of automated support.
B. The potential impact of key risks.
C. The expected outcomes and deliverables.
D. The operational and geographic boundaries.
Answer: B

IIAアクセスリスト IIA-CIA-Part2試合 IIA-CIA-Part2専門知識

NO.6 An internal auditor notes that employees continue to violate segregation-of-duty controls in
several areas of the finance department, despite previous audit recommendations. Which of the
following recommendations is the most appropriate to address this concern?
A. Recommend additional segregation-of-duty reviews.
B. Recommend appropriate awareness training for all finance department staff.
C. Recommend rotating finance staff in this area.
D. Recommend that management address these concerns immediately.
Answer: B

IIA練習問題 IIA-CIA-Part2試験 IIA-CIA-Part2攻略 IIA-CIA-Part2

NO.7 An organization's internal auditors are reviewing production costs at a gas-powered electrical
generating plant. They identify a serious problem with the accuracy of carbon dioxide emissions
reported to the environmental regulatory agency, due to computer errors. The auditors should
immediately report the concern to:
A. The regulatory agency.
B. Plant management.
C. A plant health and safety officer.
D. The risk management function.
Answer: B

IIA IIA-CIA-Part2 IIA-CIA-Part2出題範囲 IIA-CIA-Part2ガイド

NO.8 According to IIA guidance,when performing a compliance audit of data security standards for a
large e-commerce retailer, which of the following would represent the least likely area of risk
A. Operational risks.
B. Change or configuration risks.
C. Access risks.
D. Physical security risks.
Answer: D

IIA実際試験 IIA-CIA-Part2コマンド IIA-CIA-Part2学校

Pass4TestのIIAのIIA-CIA-Part2試験トレーニング資料は最高のトレーニング資料です。あなたはIT職員としたら、Pass4Testはあなたが選ばなくてはならないトレーニング資料です。Pass4TestのIIAのIIA-CIA-Part2試験トレーニング資料は絶対に信頼できるもので、IT認証を受ける受験生を対象として特別に研究された問題と解答に含まれているう資料です。 IIAのIIA-CIA-Part2試験に受かるのはIT職員の皆さんの目標です。Pass4Testの合格率は信じられないほど高いです。Pass4Testはあなたの成功にずっと力を尽くしています。

君はまだIIA IIA-CIA-Part2認証試験を通じての大きい難度が悩んでいますか? 君はまだIIA IIA-CIA-Part2認証試験に合格するために寝食を忘れて頑張って復習しますか? 早くてIIA IIA-CIA-Part2認証試験を通りたいですか?Pass4Testを選択しましょう!Pass4TestはきみのIT夢に向かって力になりますよ。


IIAのIIA-CIA-Part2試験に受かるために一所懸命頑張って勉強していれば、あなたは間違っているのです。もちろん頑張って勉強するのは試験に合格することができますが、望ましい効果を達成できないかもしれません。現在はインターネットの時代で、試験に合格する ショートカットがたくさんあります。Pass4TestのIIAのIIA-CIA-Part2試験トレーニング資料はとても良いトレーニング資料で、あなたが試験に合格することを保証します。この資料は値段が手頃だけでなく、あなたの時間を大量に節約できます。そうしたら、半分の労力で二倍の効果を得ることができます。

試験科目:「Certified Internal Auditor - Part 2, Conducting the Internal Audit Engagement」
問題と解答:全508問 IIA-CIA-Part2 コンポーネント


Pass4Testは最新のC_TCRM20_71試験問題集と高品質のC2180-401認定試験の問題と回答を提供します。Pass4TestのM2170-659 VCEテストエンジンとC_TBW45_70試験ガイドはあなたが一回で試験に合格するのを助けることができます。高品質のJK0-019トレーニング教材は、あなたがより迅速かつ簡単に試験に合格することを100%保証します。試験に合格して認証資格を取るのはそのような簡単なことです。


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