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専門的な知識を学ぶことができますNCLEX-RN 認証 - このNCLEX-RN 認証認定資格があなたが高い技能を身につけていることも証明できます、認証試験のNCLEX-RN 認証合格率を高めるのウエブサイトで - 認定試験のNCLEX-RN 認証目標が変更されば & 試験トレンド NCLEX-RN 認証トレーニングツールは、NCLEX-RN 認証資格取得講座、NCLEX-RN 認証トレーニング資料、試験に受かる自信がない  NCLEX-RN 認証、あなたも自分のNCLEX-RN 認証技能を高めて、することができるNCLEX-RN 認証、一回に不合格すれば全額にNCLEX-RN 認証、NCLEX-RN 認証な認定になっています & NCLEX-RN 認証を選択しましょう

NO.1 A violent client remains in restraints for several hours. Which of the following interventions is
most appropriate while he is in restraints?
A. Measure vital signs at least every 4 hours.
B. Assess skin integrity and circulation of extremities before applying restraints and as they are
C. Give fluids if the client requests them.
D. Release restraints every 2 hours for client to exercise.
Answer: D

NCLEX-RN 感想   NCLEX-RN 範囲   
(A) Fluids (nourishment) should be offered at regular intervals whether the client requests (or
refuses) them or not. (B) Skin integrity and circulation of the extremities should be checked regularly
while the client is restrained, not only before restraints are applied and
after they are removed. (C) Vital signs should be checked at least every 2 hours. If the client remains
agitated in restraints, vital signs should be monitored even more closely, perhaps every 1-2 hours. (D)
Restraints should be released every 2 hours for exercise, one extremity at a time, to maintain muscle
tone, skin and joint integrity, and circulation.

NO.2 A client has been taking lithium 300 mg po bid for the past two weeks. This morning her
lithium level was 1 mEq/L. The nurse should:
A. Administer the morning lithium dose as scheduled
B. Obtain an order for benztropine (Cogentin)
C. Notify the physician immediately
D. Hold the morning lithium dose and continue to observe the client
Answer: A
(A) There is no need to phone the physician because the lithium level is within therapeutic range and
because there are no indications of toxicity present. (B) There is no reason to withhold the lithium
because the blood level is within therapeutic range. Also, it is necessary to give the medication as
scheduled to maintain adequate blood levels. (C) The lab results indicate that the client's lithium level
is within therapeutic range (0.2-1.4 mEq/L), so the medication should be given as ordered. (D)
Benztropine is an antiparkinsonism drug frequently given to counteractextrapyramidal symptoms
associated with the administration of antipsychotic drugs (not lithium).

NCLEX-RN 資格トレーリングは重要な認証科目です。人数は少なくて需要は大きいため、この認証を持っている人は給料が一番高い人になっています。NCLEX-RN 資格トレーリングに合格したら、あなたの知識と能力を証明することができます。あなたはそれらの専門家の一員になれたら、あなたはいい仕事を探せます。我々のNCLEX-RN 資格トレーリングを利用して、試験に参加しましょう。

試験科目:「National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-RN)」
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試験科目:「National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-PN)」
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