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試験科目:「Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 2014」
問題と解答:全129問 250-318 予想試験

>> 250-318 予想試験

NO.1 Which tab allows the administrator to view the status of all jobs?
A. Job Monitor
B. Backup and Restore
C. Home
D. Reports
Answer: A

Symantec 250-318 250-318攻略 250-318試験感想 250-318

NO.2 Which two capabilities are included in the Enterprise Server Option (ESO) in Symantec Backup
Exec 2014? (Select two.)
A. backup of VMware and Hyper-V environments
B. Off-Host backup
C. sharing of tape libraries between multiple Symantec Backup Exec Servers
D. centralized management of Symantec Backup Exec 2014 and Symantec NetBackup 7.x
E. backup of Microsoft Exchange
Answer: B,C

Symantec問題 250-318学習指導 250-318返済 250-318資格取得

NO.3 Which option protects expired backup sets on disk cartridges from being deleted as soon as
the cartridges are inserted into the device?
A. Require media password before deleting expired backup sets
B. Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets
C. Limit Backup Exec to read-only operations on a disk cartridge if it has not been inserted for 30 days
D. Automatically retain all backup sets on disk cartridges when they are inserted
Answer: C

Symantec学習指導 250-318内容 250-318学習教材

NO.4 What is a best practice for configuring the retention period?
A. keep backup sets indefinitely
B. keep backup sets for 4 weeks
C. keep backup sets for a period of time that is longer than at least one job repeat interval
D. use None and let Data Lifecycle Management manage when backup sets are deleted
Answer: C

Symantecクラムメディア 250-318解答例 250-318資格取得 250-318トレーニング資料 250-318

NO.5 Which resource can an administrator consult to troubleshoot issues with a Symantec Backup
Exec 2014 installation?
A. installation summary
B. post-installation checklist
C. installation report
D. installation log
Answer: D

Symantecフリーク 250-318 250-318独学

NO.6 An administrator needs to back up a Windows server with a large number of files with a full
backup on Sunday and an incremental backup Monday through Friday. Only 5% of the files are
changed per day.
Which Symantec Backup Exec 2014 backup option will result in a shortened backup time for the
Incremental backup?
A. Using archive bit
B. By modified time
C. Change backup log detail to summary information only
D. Disable open file option
Answer: B

Symantec訓練 250-318価値 250-318スクール

NO.7 What is a capability of the Symantec Backup Exec 2014 Agent for VMware and Hyper-V?
A. it enables granular recovery of GUID Partition Table (GPT) volumes on virtual machines
B. it enables image-level protection of virtual machines with physical Raw Device Mapping (RDM)
C. it can only back up virtual machines when they are powered on
D. it supports agentless virtual machine backup and complete recovery of guest virtual machines
Answer: D

Symantec無料更新 250-318オフィシャル 250-318必要性

NO.8 Which two settings can be configured in the ralus.cfg file of the Agent for Linux? (Select two.)
A. The list of files and directories to be excluded from backup jobs
B. Enable client-site replication
C. the list of Backup Exec servers to publish to
D. the list of Network Interface Cards (NIC) to use for the backup
E. the list of accounts which can access the Symantec Backup Exec server
Answer: A,C

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