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HP0-M77テスト参考書、HP BSM Operations Manager i 10.x Software

NO.1 What is used to receive events in OMi 10.x from a 3rd party monitoring tool?A. an Event Processing Customization ScriptB. a Management PackC. a BSM ConnectorD. a Smart Plug-inAnswer: CHP0-M77模擬 HP0-M77ブロンズ教材 NO.2 What is a key benefit of switching from Smart Plug-ins to Management Packs? (Select two.)A. Each Management Pack performs topology discovery.B. Each Management Pack is configured in a consistent way, regardless of the application beingmonitored.C. Each Managem[...]


NO.1 What does the HP MSA Remote Copy functionality provide?A. a real time copy of a volume in the same arrayB. a real time copy of the volume in another locationC. a snapshot of the volume in another locationD. a snapshot of the volume in the same arrayAnswer: BHPソフト版 HP2-K40バージョン HP2-K40種類 HP2-K40NO.2 A customer is considering either HP Proactive Care or HP Proactive Care Advanced services fortheir solution. Which benefit does Proactive Care Advanced offer that Proac[...]
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